Now What?

I've been puzzling on where to take future posts on my Corporate Politics Blog.  Over the past two years, I've plumbed the depths of my knowledge and insights on the original topic, and feel there is little more to add (although, I'm summarizing subject in a new book, which I hope to release in the next couple of months).  And I haven't seen any recent articles on related subjects that have tickled my fancy -- things that I can put my own particular spin on.  In short, I'm out of material for now.

What I do have, however, is a incomplete series of posts I started and abandoned on my personal blog.  The posts cover my Work Lessons Learned, a series of conclusions I drew over many years about how the world of large corporations works.  They are extracted from a work-in-progress which I've tentatively titled LESSONS LEARNED THE HARD WAY.  The book (which isn't going to be published anytime soon) is a series of thirty strange or bizzare stories -- ones I personally experienced while managing in large corporations.  The lessons are what I discovered as a part of those experiences -- usually a result of making mistakes, sometimes big ones.

Starting at the end of this week, I'll begin posting some of these "lessons learned".  There are more than a hundred of these little tidbits in the draft book, so the series will on-going for quite some time.  And while the reader won't get to see the details of what led me to these conclusions about the business world on this blog, the lessons themselves will be explained in greater depth than in the book.

And hopefully they will be both entertaining and useful to readers.