Power and Politics in the Corporation

Originally published 9/2/10

I've been working on a "white paper" of sorts on the above subject, and I think I'll give some of the ideas their first exposure here on my blog -- that despite the fact that my readers don't tend to post many comments, and I could use comments and critiques of the concepts. If you're too shy to write a comment, please send an email. I'm hoping to use this forum to further explore some of the concepts.

So here's the first one -- I believe that politics are present in virtually all large organizations. And by large, I specifically mean enough people in the organization that the chief executive can't intimately know the specifics and the performance of all employees first hand. I think the line is somewhere between 50 and 200 employees, based on capabilities of the Chief Executive.

The white paper is now available by clicking this link: Power and Politics in the Corporation